Testimonials are a powerful way to showcase the effectiveness of Fire Cap Plus in action, combating different types of fires. Whether it's a small fire or a large blaze, Class A or Class B fire, Fire Cap Plus has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution. Customers have praised the product for its quick action, ability to smother flames, and overall effectiveness in saving lives and property. 

Class B Fire

Shortly after purchasing your product "Fire Cap Plus", our Fire Department was dispatched to a fire at a mixing bunker at a local Oil Field Service company. In this concrete bunker they were mixing an oily sludge with Kiln dust. This mixture makes a significant amount of heat and from time to time catches fire. The day we responded there was a significant fire with smoke visible for miles. This bunker is surrounded on 3 sides with a steel walls and a vent hood and a very high ceiling. Upon arrival, knowing the situation and what was burning, we batched mixed some Fire Cap directly into our onboard water tank. Immediately upon hitting this fire with this mixture, the fire was gone, and more impressively, the heat was gone. The steel walls were doused with our hoses and were cool to the touch in seconds. Needless to say the Owner of the facility was as impressed with this as we were. So I would like to thank you for introducing me to this product and look forward to a long lasting relationship.


     - Derek H, Fire Chief 15 years

Game Changer

Fire Cap Plus is a game-changer in firefighting suppression. We were dispatched to a fire in our jurisdiction where a large pile of rubber tires and old utility poles covered in tar were fully involved in fire. We quickly deployed Fire Cap Plus through two handlines. Right away we were blown away by the Fire Cap Plus. This incredible product truly lives up to what it says it will do. The initial arriving command officer called for several water tenders to respond believing the large pile of tires would take copious amounts of water to extinguish. Fire Cap Plus immediately penetrated into the heart of the fire, rapidly extinguishing it. As a Fire Chief, having Fire Cap Plus in our arsenal has significantly demonstrated it’s value over foam agents that we have previously used. This single fire alone proved its worth to our firefighting operation.


     - Brock,  Fire Chief - 17 years in Fire Service

Loyal Customers

"We have been using your Fire Cap Plus product since its inception and it continues to amaze us!  

We have used the Fire Cap Plus product in nearly every possible application.  We keep it in our 2 1/2 gallon portable extinguishers and we keep it mixed in the tank of our mini-pumper which we have found to work well on car fires, small brush fires, dumpster fires, etc.   We own two tankers and each is equipped with several 5-gallon pails in case we need to batch mix it in a drop tank on site.

We have never had a single mechanical failure or problem as a result of using Fire Cap Plus.   Actually it has reduced our failure rates.   When we used other brands, we constantly had corrosion problems and had to replace countless seals and gaskets.  Since switching to Fire Cap Plus, we tear down our proportioners once a year for inspection purposes only.

Fire Cap Plus has significantly reduced my foam budget each year.   We run your product at a fraction of the percentage vs other brands so it goes much further.  


     - Myron, Fire Chief

Best of the Best

Fire Cap Plus has done the job regardless of the fire situation.   Grass fires, structure fire, trash fire, fuel spills, and even the stubborn "blown-in insulation" fires.   It virtually eliminates rekindles.  

When we use Fire Cap "Plus" in training fires, we find that we cannot burn down the structure after using it in training room fires.   If you want to burn down the building, do not use Fire Cap.   

We feel that using Fire Cap is a cost saving measure for the department and our residents.  It allows us to extinguish fires quicker therefore eliminating extensive damage and allow the engine company to get back in service in less time.

We have been using some type of Class "A" foam for over 20 years and have found Fire Cap Plus to be the "Best of the Best"


     - Michael, Long tenured Fire Chief 


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