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Fire Cap Plus is UL certified!

Fire Cap Plus "A" and "B" product is UL approved and are certified for use at 0.25% for Class A fires, and 0.3% for Class B fires!  Compare those percentages to most Class A and B foam and you will find why we are the best value!



Fire Cap Plus uses the latest chemicals that are bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive.  We care for the environment and the firefighters who protect it.   Contains NO PFAS.   You may view our testing results on the SDS and testing results page.


When comparing our UL certification vs. our competition for effectively extinguishing a class A and class B fire, Fire Cap Plus is your best value.   We use only top quality ingredients and our formula is highly concentrated.


Fire Cap Plus penetrates dry grasses to help fire from spreading

Fire Cap Plus: Best Value in Fire Suppression

Developed by firefighters for firefighters

Fire Cap Plus is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable wetting agent that extinguishes fires rapidly and helps eliminate flashback. When mixed properly with water, Fire Cap Plus reduces the surface tension of water which then expands the wetted surface area and promotes deeper penetration into the seat of the fire. Besides putting out the fire, the incidence of heat, smoke, and vapors is significantly reduced.

As a spill stabilizing agent, Fire Cap Plus acts as an emulsifier that separates the chemical make-up of a contaminant and then renders it non-volatile. In the process, the flammable vapors of a contaminant are reduced, which limits risk to firefighters or HAZMAT personnel. Fire Cap Plus is non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-corrosive and is effective against all classes of fires except live electrical.

Water is Not Free
Water carries with it a number of related costs. Procuring, storing, pumping, transporting, and ultimately disbursing water all require special equipment. By simply reducing usage, the life of the equipment is extended which can mean thousands of dollars saved. In municipalities where the water supply is scarce, the importance of getting the most out of every gallon can’t be overstated.

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See Fire Cap Plus in Action!

To see real demonstrations using Fire Cap Plus, please check out our video page. 


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  • Steve Descloux (Friday, January 29 21 01:37 pm EST)

    After Dave Grooters, the Company GM showed me this product and sent me a requested test kit, I did some practice testing on the manila envelope paper. Put two drops of tap water on the paper and timed the soak thru (2 layers). 6 1/2 minutes later the droplets still stood tall and the wetting was 1st layer only. Applied 2 drops of FireCap Plus and in 28 seconds it was thru both layers and totally absorbed. Very impressive stuff! I can preach THIS gospel!

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