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Fire Cap Plus is UL certified!

Fire Cap Plus "A" and "B" product is UL approved and are certified for use at 0.25% for Class A fires, and 0.3% for Class B fires!  Compare those percentages to most Class A and B foam and you will find why we are the best value!

Plain water    vs.       Fire Cap Plus

Everything that burns has a pourous surface.  Because water has a high surface tension, plain water has a hard time soaking into some fuel sources.  Fire Cap Plus is a wetting agent that lowers the surface tension of water.  When a mixture of water and Fire Cap Plus is applied to these "hard to penetrate" fuel sources, the mixture is quickly absorbed, helping to reach the seat of the fire faster.  Because the water and Fire Cap Plus are actively penetrating the fuel rather than just sitting on top, the chances of a rekindle are minimized.  The diagrams below demonstrate the penetrating power of Fire Cap Plus.

Plain Water




High surface tension of water causes a bridging action over the pores of the material thereby restricting its ability to spread and penetrate.

Water Enhanced with Fire Cap Plus




Fire Cap Plus wetting agent makes water droplets smaller and reduces the surface tension which expands the surface area. Fire Cap Plus also facilitates deeper penetration into the seat of the fire.

See Fire Cap Plus in Action!

To see our product in action please go to our video page.

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