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Fire Cap Plus is UL certified!

Fire Cap Plus "A" and "B" product is UL approved and are certified for use at 0.25% for Class A fires, and 0.3% for Class B fires!  Compare those percentages to most Class A and B foam and you will find why we are the best value!

Class "A" Fire Application Techniques

The key to rapid, effective extinguishment is based on surface area coverage and penetration. Application rates are as low as 1/4% (.25), 1/2% (.5) which can be introduced into the water stream through any type in-line eductor, on-board proportioning system, around-the-pump proportioning system, balanced pressure concentrate metering system, CAFS system, pre-mixed in apparatus booster tank, pre-mixed in portable tank or other water supply source.  Any means by which a 1/4% or higher mixture ratio can be induced into the water source will provide tremendous extinguishing capabilities, faster cooling, and water savings.

When attacking Class “A” type fires with Fire Cap Plus it is important to use an aggressive sweeping or circular motion with a power cone water stream pattern (straight stream) aimed at the base of the fire to knock down the bulk of fire then followed by a 30 to 45 degree fog-type pattern for final extinguishment. This technique allows for good surface coverage, and in addition, allows the product to be spread over a greater surface area for faster and deeper penetration into the surface pores to get at the seat of the burning fuel. This quickly reduces the intense heat and smoke conditions, saves water, and provides added safety to firefighters.  When smoke conditions turn from black to white the bulk of the fire has been controlled. Wet area a little more and let stand for a short time to allow the product and water to soak in (keep monitoring the situation at all times), and wet as needed from this point. When the Fire Cap Plus has penetrated deeply into the pores of the burning materials, it will help prevent re-ignition.

Example 1
For wood, pallets, rubber tires (tires also fall within Class ”B” type fire), structures, grass, and automobiles, Fire Cap Plus quickly produces a greater surface area to penetrate deeper into the pores of the burning fuels for faster heat reduction, faster reduced smoke conditions, faster extinguishment, less water usage, and safer conditions for firefighters.

Example 2
For baled cardboard, baled paper, baled cotton, baled hay, hay rolls, etc., Fire Cap Plus is particularly effective. Once the bulk of the fire has been knocked down, the product must be applied in such a manner as to allow it to penetrate deeper into the pores of the burning fuels with the least amount of run-off (a piercing nozzle works well for this application) for faster heat reduction, faster reduced smoke conditions, faster extinguishment, less water usage, and safer conditions for firefighters.

Applying Fire Cap Plus ahead of a fire will help provide an excellent source for cutting a fire’s path and help prevent burn-across.  When Fire Cap Plus is applied to a fire exposure it will help keep the area cool, (such as other structures, fire apparatus, automobiles, propane tanks, etc.), as well as help prevent fire advancement.

Note: It is always important to know exactly what type of fuel hazard with which you are dealing. Class “A” type fire burn hazards are somewhat unpredictable and the procedures for fighting this type of fire with Fire Cap Plus are similar to water firefighting procedures. FIRE SUPPRESSION PRODUCTS strongly recommends that all Department Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG) and safety standards be strictly when using Fire Cap Plus.  Your safety is top priority.

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