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Fire Cap Plus is UL certified!

Fire Cap Plus "A" and "B" product is UL approved and are certified for use at 0.25% for Class A fires, and 0.3% for Class B fires!  Compare those percentages to most Class A and B foam and you will find why we are the best value!

General Mixture Rates

2-1/2 U.S. Gal. Water Pressure Fire Extinguisher: Add 10 oz. of Fire Cap Plus for a 3% MIXTURE

0.25 or 1/4 % for Class “A” fires (structures, wood, cardboard, vehicles, grass, hay, etc.) One (1) U.S. quart of Fire Cap Plus per 100 U.S. gallons of water.
   100 U.S. Gallons of WATER --------- 1 U.S. Quart of Fire Cap Plus
   150 U.S. Gallons of WATER --------- 1-1/2 U.S. Quarts of Fire Cap Plus
   200 U.S. Gallons of WATER --------- 2 U.S. Quarts (1/2 Gallon) of Fire Cap Plus
   250 U.S. Gallons of WATER --------- 2-1/2 U.S. Quarts of Fire Cap Plus
   500 U.S. Gallons of WATER --------- 5 U.S. Quarts (1 Gal. & 1 Qt.) of Fire Cap Plus
   750 U.S. Gallons of WATER --------- 7-1/2 U.S. Quarts. (1-¾ Gallons) of Fire Cap Plus
 1000 U.S. Gallons of WATER --------- 10 U.S. Quarts (2-1/2 Gallons) of Fire Cap Plus

0.25% or 1/4% to 0.5% will be effective for Class “A” type fires

1/2% for Emulsifying (neutralizing) flat type surface spilled fuels & solvents (Polar & Non-Polar) to eliminate or reduce flammable hydro-carbon vapors.

RATIO as follows:  Every 1 U.S. gallon of spilled material
                               1 U.S. pint of Fire Cap Plus product required
                               12 U.S. gallons of water required

Note: Fire Cap Plus product and the water must be aggressively agitated into the spilled material for total lock-up to occur.

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